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          Welcome: Zigong Zhaoqiang Sealing Products Industrial Co., Ltd.
          Language: Chinese ∷  English


          Why choose us

          More than ten years of production design experience

          More than ten years of production design

          Founded in 2000, the company is located in zigong national high-tech development zone, cov
           company has strong research and development capacity

          company has strong research and develop

          Has obtained more than 40 utility model patents, a number of invention patents
          The design concept of

          The design concept of

          With the design concept of "safety, environmental protection and durability", the company
          Intimate after-sales service

          Intimate after-sales service

          An excellent team brings the most professional, considerate and attentive services.

          ABOUT US


          about us

          Zigong Zhaoqiang Sealing Products Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming the world's leading sealing technology startup since 2000. The company is located in Zigong National High-tech Development Zone, covering an area of 4,290,000, Registered capital: 30 million yuan. The number of employees: 110 The company is a private joint-stock enterprise, national high-tech Enterprise, and also, member of the National Mechanical Seal Association. It mainly produces seals for petroleum and petrochemical, aerospace, mining, fine chemicals, military, medicine, electric power, machinery and metallurgy, steel and ships. The company has strong...

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